Dartagnan Arthur: Birth Story

Hello Everyone! So it’s been over a month since I made a blog post! SORRY! Thanksgiving happened, then my husbands birthday which ended up being the start of prodromal labor for me, then I ACTUALLY went into labor a week later (I have a sweet baby boy!), and then Christmas and New Years! As you can tell it was a bit busy. I’m 3 weeks postpartum now and I figured I would share the story of my son’s birth. I used to think it was strange to share a birth story but after having my son I can’t get enough of reading birth stories. I am so proud of what my body and mind was able to do.


December 6th, my husbands birthday, I woke up with painful contractions and I thought I might be in labor. My contractions never became regular and pretty much fizzled out. This kept up until December 12th around 10:30pm my contractions were finally time-able and were happening every 7 minutes and were becoming more and more painful. By 11:30 they were around 5 minutes apart and I got into the bath to try to relax as much as I could. I called my husband into the bathroom and he started helping me time my contractions. I needed to get out of the bath so I labored on my knees leaning on to my bed and my husband applied counter pressure to my hips and lower back. My husband called the midwife on call number for the birthing center that I was delivering at around 1:30am since my contractions moved up to 2-3 minutes apart. Maria, our midwife, was already at the birth center verified that I was in active labor and said we could come in if we wanted but I decided to labor at home for a bit longer. I was pretty nauseous at this point and got a pretty bad nose bleed. As my nose was bleeding, I ended up vomiting up my dinner but as soon as I was done, I felt a ton better save for the contractions!

About 2:30am my contractions were getting worse and my mom started helping me through them as well. We decided to go ahead and go on in to the birth center since we lived almost 50 minutes away and I didn’t want to be in a later stage of labor while riding in the car. Since it was so early, there were hardly any cars on the road to get to the birth center so we didn’t have any traffic. They checked me as soon as I arrived and I was only at a 1-2cm… I was so disappointed to hear that but I was fully effaced. They didn’t want to send me home since we lived a decent distance away. I got checked in and into my birth room and immediately hopped into the shower. I labored in there for quite a while with one shower head on blazing hot and the other on ice-cold and swayed between the two. My husband hopped in with me and applied acupressure to my lower back which was so helpful.

I moved from the shower to the seat at the end of the bed and got on my knees and leaned on the seat. My husband and mom helped apply pressure and fed me ice chips. I lost my mucus plug around this time. Eventually I moved to the bed and labored on my side for a while to rest, at this point I was so exhausted and I literally slept in between contractions. My husband actually slept between them too so he could keep his energy up to help me. After a while longer I went back to kneeling at the end of the bed for a short time before moving to the tub. The tub was so amazing and I wish I would have gotten in sooner. My midwife came in and checked on me, she asked if my water had broken yet which it hadn’t and told me to let her know when it did. She got to the door and another contraction hit and my water burst. She checked me and I was at 6-7cm and I was sure that I would have been further.

At this point was when I started to have doubts that I could do it but started feeling a bit pushy. The water suddenly felt too hot and I moved to the toilet. Our birth teacher said the toilet would be a great place to labor and it totally was. I was there for a few minutes and I felt like I had to push. It was the strangest thing I have ever felt. I literally could not stop my body from pushing. My mom went and got the midwife and told them what was going on. I was quickly checked and the midwife said I had enough time to get to the bed. They told me to get in whatever position was comfortable and I started out on my hands and knees but was too tired to stay up on my knees and went to my side. They coached me through the pushing and finally the midwife told my husband to come down and prepped him to catch our little boy. I kept doubting myself during the whole pushing period and didn’t think I could do it but my husband, mom, the nurses and midwife all kept me positive.  I got to reach down and feel my son’s fuzzy head and that was such a huge encouragement to keep going. Finally 45 minutes after my water broke my little guy was born at 8:06am weighing 6lbs 13oz and 20inches long. I had an incredibly fast labor lasting only 9 1/2 hours. After he was born we had 2 hours of skin to skin time and when he was ready we started breastfeeding.


It was such a whirlwind and such a mental challenge. Taking it one contraction at a time, accepting that you’re in labor, giving into the pain, knowing that the pain is purposeful, that the pain isn’t stronger than you because it is you, and having good labor support makes natural birth so much easier. I was so in my head during labor, I kept repeating affirmations to myself and I allowed myself to just listen to my body. Natural birth isn’t easy but it’s definitely doable and I’m so happy with the route I took. It’s such an amazing thing to experience and if you even have the slightest interest in doing a natural birth then go for it and know that your body is SO capable and you can do it!

Feel free to ask any questions and leave your thoughts!

Have a blessed day!




Life Savers During Pregnancy

I love lists. I have so much fun making them and it helps me get my brain all together. I know the last post on here was a list as well but I figured I can’t be the only one who enjoys them! Pregnancy is an exciting time and unlike anything I’ve experienced but it definitely has its fair share of not so fun symptoms. So I figured I’d give you guys a list of things that made my pregnancy a lot more enjoyable. I’ve provided links to purchase items also if you are interested!

  • CamelBak Water Bottle– This was a recent acquisition and I’m mad I didn’t get this bottle sooner! I love it so much and I literally do not leave the house without it.
  • Young Living Essential Oils– So I recently acquired these as well. I signed up to be a distributer and got the Premium Starter Kit. I literally use my oils every day. For example, the other day I had a very stressful morning and knew the stress wasn’t good for me or my little guy so I diffused some Stress Away & Lavender. It help me get calmed down a lot sooner and avoid sending myself into preterm labor. I’ve used them for headaches, sleep aids, aches and pains, and all kinds of stuff so far. I’m obsessed!
  • Heating pad– I already have had a really rough history of back pain and that just amplified when I got pregnant especially once I got into the later days of my second trimester. This has been essential in helping my back relax and help ease the ache of the added stress from my little dude.
  • Chiropractic appointments This goes along with all that back pain. I’ve always loved going to the chiropractor and finding a good one can be life changing in general. Make sure it’s okay with your practitioner but it should be fine to see a chiropractor but also check to make sure they’ve treated pregnant women before and that they have the proper equipment to do so. Getting adjusted also will help with your pelvis and makes the delivery of your baby a lot easier!
  • Under the Belly Underwear– THESE. ARE. A. MUST! Oh my goodness, I am so glad I purchased these early on. They make life so much more comfortable. They are worth every penny. Even if you don’t want to buy special undies for pregnancy, you can wear these bad boys during postpartum from what I’ve heard.
  • Maternity clothes I’m actually super lucky and had a friend who was getting rid of a lot of her maternity clothes and totally hooked me up! However, I do recommend getting a few essentials. You are going to be uncomfortable during pregnancy so why not try to make it a little more enjoyable and get some clothes that are comfortable and look way better on you than trying to squeeze into regular clothes. I recommend getting at least a couple of pair of maternity leggings, tanks, a couple of cute tops and maybe a dress or two. I lucked out on buying stuff when Old Navy decided to take their maternity clothes out of store and bought as much as I could. However, they always seem to be having deals online and I LOVE my Old Navy Maternity stuff more than almost anything else. I had issues with Motherhood stuff fitting me real well at first but as I got a bit bigger I did okay with their tops. I also love PinkBlush Maternity! I wore one of their tops in my maternity photos.
  • Unisom & Vitamin B6- If you are ANYTHING like me, I had a very rough first trimester with nausea and vomiting. Thankfully, The good ole Unisom and B6 worked for me. Also a quick tip that I never saw anywhere on the internet but SERIOUSLY helped me was to wait 30 minutes after eating before drinking anything. This was hard because I love having a lot of fluids when I eat but it seriously made a huge difference.
  • Lemon Waters Adding a bit of lemon to my water helped me get more water into me during the first trimester when I was super nauseous. I just bought some lemon juice and added a bit to each cup of water. I also know you can use the Lemon Vitality oil from Young Living in water as well!
  • Popsicles- This was also something that really helped with the nausea. I just ate the cheap plastic popsicles and they helped me get a little bit of something in my stomach and eased nausea. I also loved frozen cokes from the gas station during this time too. I figured something was better than nothing to get into my belly!Image result for popsicle
  • Hair cut- I’ve had long hair for the past 7-8 years so this was a big change for me. However, in the first trimester it was a lot to take care of and I just didn’t feel good about how I looked. I finally decided to take the leap and cut off my hair. This has made me feel so much better, even if I don’t have time or energy to put a lot of effort into getting dressed up, it’s so easy to fix my hair and it gives me a confidence boost.


There you have it! That is my list of things that have made this pregnancy a lot more enjoyable! Of course, the best thing is feeling my little guy move around and listening to his heartbeat at every appointment. Hope some of this might help you and let me know if you had/have any thing that was just an absolute lifesaver during pregnancy!

Have a blessed day!


What’s in my hospital bag?

packed bags.jpgI feel like EVERY mommy blog has one of these posts but I figured I’d let you know what I have packed. I’m currently at 35 weeks 4 days. I’ve been itching to get packed since I hit 30 weeks to be completely honest but I decided to wait until after my baby showers.

I separated my packing out into 3 separate bags. One for me, one for Dartagnan, and one for my husband.

Lets start with whats in the baby bag!

So first things first, this doesn’t go in your bag but you NEED a car seat. You will not be allowed to leave the hospital otherwise. My husband and I installed it over the weekend since we have no idea when our little guy is going to arrive. This saves us from last-minute fumbling with it and trying to figure out how to use it. Familiarize yourself with your car seat. From my research, this is what I’ve gathered about what type of car seat to go with. While it may save you money in the long run, the convertible car seats are not as practical since your baby might be born early and not be large enough for it. I’ve heard a lot of stories of parents having to go out and buy an infant seat just so they can go home. Here is the carseat we have for our little guy! Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip

  • Baby Book– now this one isn’t necessary but I want to get his footprint stamped into the baby book so that way it’s all done at the same time. Here’s the baby book that we have:  Adventure Baby Book
  • Blankets– the hospital will have some blankets for you to wrap your little bundle of joy but I am still bringing a thermal baby blanket and then a thicker one to put around him in his car seat on the way home. Since our little guy is a winter baby, I want to make sure he has plenty of warmth!
  • Onesies– Just for some extra layers. I packed two simple white onesies for an extra layer to put on him.
  • Sleepers– I packed 3 sleepers for him, two of which are newborn size and one is 0-3 months incase he’s on the bigger side. However, if you know how small I am, chances are he’s going to be a little bitty guy.
  • Going home outfit– I actually have a couple options for going home outfits for my little guy. Carter’s makes AWESOME Take-Me-Home sets that come with a sleeper, onesie, pants, hat, and other things. I got a cute one for him when I first found out I was pregnant that I’m bringing along. I also have an adorable little thermal sleeper from Carter’s as well for an option to take him home in. It doesn’t hurt to bring a few so incase you want to put one on your little one when people come to visit.
  • Burp cloths I threw in 2 of my thicker burp cloths just in case.
  • Socks & Booties– Gotta keep those tootsies warm! Plus baby socks are adorable!
  • Diapers– The hospital will more than likely have you covered with diapers. However, I threw some extra in the bag just in case. We’re trying out two different brands so I put in five of each brand of diaper in there. The diapers we’re picking from are Pampers and Honest brand. I used both when I was a daycare teacher and those two seemed to have the least amount of leaks and were the most gentle on little bottoms.
  • Diaper cream Again not super necessary as the hospital will likely have some but I’m over prepared!

So that’s it for what’s in my little guy’s bag!

What’s in my husbands bag?

  • Extra clothes
  • Swim Trunks– since we’re going through a birth center, they have a tub we’re able to use for labor and just in case he decides to get in with me then he can.
  • Camera & Charger
  • Phone charger
  • Toiletries
  • Cash– Luckily the birth center has snacks galore and good options for food. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of cash incase you need something from a vending machine.
  • Pen & paper- you never know what you’re going to need to write down.
  • Folder– this is just to put in any important documents or paperwork we get while we’re at the hospital
  • Pillow & blanket we’re leaving this in the car but just incase the hospital doesn’t have a ton of extra, which most of the time they do.
  • Nalgene bottle (1 Liter )– my husband wanted to bring this because even though there’s a kitchen area right outside the birth room he doesn’t want to have to leave the room if he doesn’t have to.
  • Book- He’s bringing a long a copy of the Three Musketeers which he’s reading at the moment and our son is also named after Dartagnan.

What’s in my bag?

  • Important paperwork– ID, Insurance Card, and any other necessary paperwork.
  • Glasses & contacts
  • Sports Bras & Nursing Bras- I found a GREAT sports style bra at Pink that has been really comfortable for pregnancy, I just wish it was a nursing bra as well.
  • Comfy socks
  • Robe- Here’s the one that I got: Robe. It’s super comfy and it has pockets!
  • Nursing tank tops- I figured I’d wear these with the robe once I’m in the postpartum room so it’s easy access for breastfeeding but its better than a hospital gown. Here are the ones I got: Nursing Tanks.
  • Slip on shoes
  • Lip Balm
  • Rice sock- heat is a fantastic helping with pain.
  • Essential oils- I’m bringing Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemon, and Clary Sage. Aromatherapy is great for relaxation and is something that I love using. It can be a very powerful tool. If you’re interested in the oils, feel free to ask questions! I’m a Young Living distributer!
  • Headband & Pony Tail holders
  • Bluetooth speaker- I can’t go a day without music and my little guy is already quite the fan. I already made a playlist and plan to use it to uplift my mood and keep me motivated.
  • Phone Charger
  • Nursing Pads
  • Toiletries & Make up- I’m just bringing a few make up items so if I feel like I want to put a bit on before we have some visitors, I have it available.
  • Make Up Removal Wipes
  • Outfit for going home- Since it’s already cold out, I just have some loose VS Pink sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. I want to be comfy!
  • Comfortable Underwear– I recommend getting something that you can easily fit a postpartum pad in or even something like Depends if you’re comfortable wearing them.
  • Extra tote bag– I’ve heard many moms mention to bring something to put all the goodies the hospital sends home with you so that’s what I’m doing.
  • Wet-bag- for any dirty or wet clothes.
  • Gifts for the staff- this isn’t necessary but I wanted to do a little something for all the amazing people who will help me during my labor. I got ideas for this on Pinterest! You can do this in such an inexpensive way that will be a nice little treat for the staff.
  • Nipple Cream
  • Nursing Pillow

Alright! So that’s everything we have packed for our little guy’s impending arrival! After he makes his debut I’ll do an update on what I used and what I didn’t. More than anything, everyone has different preferences and stuff I may use may not be effective for you. So if you feel the need to pack something in particular but I didn’t list it, pack what you need to pack to feel comfortable. I hope this helps someone if they’re struggling to figure out what to pack!

Remember, your body is amazing and is made to do this. Trust your body, you are capable, you are strong enough, YOU can do it!

If you’re interested in purchasing oils through me, please use this link to sign up to be a Young Living member.

Have a blessed day!



Be considerate: Don’t visit.

I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m saying it for my child’s wellbeing. The hardest thing I’ve had to do so far is try to hint at people not coming up to the hospital to see us once our little guy is born. I know it’s so exciting and I’m even guilty of wanting to rush up to the hospital when a baby is born. But before you do, think twice! It’s hard to tell people ‘No’… SO DAMN HARD. I want people to visit but I also want my bonding time with my new baby and I really don’t want a lot of people bringing in germs to him that could harm him.

I’m seeing more and more moms posting their stories about how they allowed in visitors or took their newborn to a holiday party and the newborn ended up back in the hospital due to sickness; many of these babies have lost their lives or live with chronic conditions. I want my son to start off on the best foot possible and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

However, if you are planning to visit, here are a few things to keep in mind before you hop in your car.

Have you been sick in the last week? If you answered yes, please for the love of that new baby do not visit. A newborn does not have an immune system to fight off whatever bug you’ve recently had. Even if it was just a stuffy nose, please think twice before visiting. Your stuffy nose might not seem like much but for a baby who doesn’t have an immune system it can be devastating. Even if you’re perfectly healthy but someone in your household is not, please don’t visit.

Are you bringing small children with you? Again if you answered yes, please don’t visit. This relates to germs again and also depending on the child, this could be stressful for the new mom, dad, and baby to have a child running around in their hospital room or home.

Do you work around children or in a place where people are sick a lot? If you answered yes, then please think twice before visiting. I say this because I worked in a daycare for a while and was CONSTANTLY sick. No matter how hard I tried, it always seemed like I was sick at least once a month. Even if you’re not sick yourself, you could be carrying those germs right to that newborn baby.

Do you have a cold sore? If you answered yes, PLEASE do not kiss that baby. You can probably visit but do not kiss on the baby. I don’t even want to get into this one because it breaks my heart, here is my reasoning : Link.

Did you check with the new mom or dad if it’s alright to come visit? Ask before you visit! And make sure you tell them it’s okay if you can’t… It is so hard to say no. Let them have a way to tell you no if they need to.


  • Keep your visit short (Unless they ask you to stay longer)
  • Don’t ask to hold the baby. They will ask you if you want to hold the baby if they’re comfortable with it. (the baby is new to mom and dad too plus they may not be comfortable with certain people holding their baby yet. Also don’t question ANYTHING they ask you do to if you are going to hold the new baby. i.e. washing hands up to elbows, wearing a face mask…etc.)
  • Before coming, if you’re able to, ask if they need anything whether they’re at the hospital or at home. (They may really need a snack and they’re just too tired to make it or maybe they need something as simple as Tylenol)
  • Ask before posting ANY pictures you take of the new baby. (This is super relevant nowadays with the prevalence of social media. My husband & I are waiting a few days until we’re at home and all settled in before we even post that our little guy made his arrival. I’ve found out via Facebook about stuff that I should have received a phone call or at least a text about first because some person posted it before it should have been shared. All you have to do is ask before posting!)
  • Be respectful and withhold your opinions on how you think the new parents should do things. (Unless they ask you, keep that to yourself. Becoming a parent is daunting already and if you tell them how to do things or say they’re doing things wrong they’ll feel like they failed probably. If they’re breastfeeding and they don’t cover up, keep your discomfort to yourself. You’re in their hospital room or at their home, you have no right to say a word to them. PERIOD. Also don’t say a word to them about if you think they should breastfeed if they are formula feeding. It’s their child and they can parent them how they wish, it has no effect on you or your life.)

So that’s what I have to say about visiting a newborn. It may seem harsh but having a baby is life changing and thinking twice before you visit is something the new parents will greatly appreciate. I don’t speak for all moms so you’ll have to gauge how comfortable they are with visitors around the new baby.

Let me know in the comments your experience with visitors and a new baby or if what your preparations are for your baby!

Have a blessed day!





What I’m Doing to Prepare for Motherhood.

Preparing for motherhood is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’m thankful for my experiences in the world of pregnancy and childcare prior to my pregnancy. I am one of the lucky few who have gotten to be around for multiple births. A while back I went to nursing school (decided to take a different path) and got the privilege of doing a clinical rotation through the labor and delivery unit at one of the local hospitals. I also worked as a daycare teacher and mainly with the infants, one-year olds, and two-year olds.

I feel like these experiences plus the parenting style I grew up with has really shaped how I’ve been preparing for parenthood and making my way through pregnancy. From even before I got pregnant, I decided that I wanted to do things differently than most around me. I knew I wanted to breastfeed without a doubt, I really wanted to have a natural low intervention birth, and that if I could I wanted to stay home with my little one.

Here are some ways I’ve been preparing for motherhood.


Know your options when you’re wanting to have children or find out you’re expecting. Even if you want to do the typical birth that we’re all familiar with, know what options you have. Do you want to have a baby in the hospital, birth center, at home? Explore other care providers than your OBGYN, watch some birth videos (I HIGHLY recommend The Business of Being Born), or meet with a doula or a midwife. I went to my OBGYN for my first visit to confirm my pregnancy and gave her a chance. I asked her all kinds of questions for her method of practice and knew it was too high intervention for me. I quickly started doing research and found a birth center attached to one of the local hospitals. It’s completely midwife run and super low intervention but in case of an emergency, it’s literally an elevator ride a way to labor and delivery and an OR. I made an appointment and fell in love. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a medical setting and with a medical staff. EVERY SINGLE ONE of those people who work there have gone above and beyond to make me feel at home there. I can ask them about the smallest concerns without feeling stupid. Find a place that you’re comfortable in and a practitioner who you can easily talk to.


As many of you know, I’m a huge reader so you’d think I’d be all about reading parenting books and pregnancy books. I’ve only picked up two. I actually think over preparing is a thing, and no matter how hard you try to have some type of parenting style picked out, it will change… simple as that. You have to parent each child differently and having preconceived ideas of how you want to parent most of the time will lead to disappointment and frustration. However, I’m not saying don’t go into everything blind. QUESTION EVERYTHING and keep an open mind.

I picked up The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears, regardless of what your stance on vaccines is, you should know how the vaccines are made and what are in them before you have them put in your child. This helped me become familiar with what the vaccination schedule is and to make my choices. It’s a great book and is very unbiased.

I am also reading, it was given out at our birth class as an aid for class, Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives by Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and Vicki Abrams. This a book about pregnancy and childbirth using holistic practices. I haven’t finished it but it’s definitely a good one, it really helps with self-awareness and how stress and external factors affect your baby. I’ve started focusing more inwardly on what my body and baby need more and making time just to de-stress.

Also, recommendation for partners is The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin!

Birth Class.

As mentioned before, I’m taking a birthing class at the moment. It’s a six-week long course all about natural childbirth. while this class isn’t the most helpful to me since I learned quite a lot in nursing school, its helpful for my husband. It’s also a night where we work on our relationship and it’s been a lot of fun actually. It’s really great to see how my husband has taken to the whole idea of natural childbirth and how he can best support me. I HIGHLY recommend taking a childbirth class with your partner, it’s a way for them to learn how to support you and figure out what you need during labor without you telling them what you need. Because once you hit active labor and transition you will not know how to tell them what you want and need. I feel like this class really has shown me how in tune my husband and I are. He knows me better than I know myself and I one hundred percent trust him. I also feel more prepared and excited for making the decision to do a natural low intervention birth because of how he’s handled this class. He has reassured me and is now a big advocate of birthing this way.


My nesting instinct has been in full on overdrive since 28 weeks. I’ll be honest, I went a little crazy in decorating my son’s room. However, I have my essentials and I kept it pretty minimal on things we needed. However, meeting that need took a lot of stress and anxiety off my chest. One day, a week or so ago, I was getting super anxious and felt like I just wasn’t prepared so I ended up packing my son’s bag for the hospital. Instantly I felt relief.

There you have it! Those are some of the ways I’ve prepared for motherhood. Am I ready? Yes? Maybe? Probably not… I won’t know until my son is here. I am very excited though and looking forward to being a mom. It’ll be unlike any experience I’ve ever had and I’m looking forward to it!

What about you guys?! How are you preparing or how did you prepare for parenthood?

Have a blessed day!


Babies Change Everything

It’s a cliche… but it’s dang true. The second you find out you’re going to be a parent flips your world upside down. At least it did for my husband and I. Career changes happen, lifestyle changes happen, heartburn happens, and quite a few other unwanted symptoms. I was headed towards grad school for my masters in library science, I don’t recommend this career field if you want to actually make money, FYI. I was working in just about my dream job, newlywed, and my husband was just a few months from graduating when we found out we were pregnant. Now, I won’t say this was a completely unplanned pregnancy but it just came a few months earlier than we expected. We wanted to wait a year after we got married to start trying, instead I was 15 weeks pregnant on our first anniversary.

My plans changed quickly and I reevaluated if grad school was really a good idea. I also had time to think since I ended up leaving my job due to extreme morning sickness in the first trimester. It was unpredictable and I wasn’t sure if it would last all pregnancy or just the first trimester. Luckily by 15-16 weeks it subsided. I decided that I wanted to stay home with my baby after much discussion with my husband and knew we could cut corners and make ends meet once he started in his career field.

Jobs were sparse at first, my husband is a GIS Analyst which is super fancy way of saying he looks at satellite maps all day and marks them for certain things. He eventually got hired on however at a fantastic company with benefits and definitely took a huge weight off our shoulders.

We found out in early July, we were expecting a boy! Feel free to watch the video below to see our gender reveal!

It was pretty much the coolest reveal ever if I do say so myself. We had both a boy and girl name picked prior so as soon as we saw blue smoke we knew what to call our little guy. Dartagnan Arthur.

Now we’re here… less than 6 weeks till our due date and I think we’re as ready as we’ll ever be. I decided to start this blog because lets be honest… I love filming & editing but it’s HARD, especially in my third trimester. I am exhausted, my back aches, its getting harder and harder to breathe, and I can go on and on about my discomforts, the point is though it’s hard to sit and film and then sit and edit a video to go up. I still plan to do mommy vlogs on my youtube but this is for when I want to discuss something or even vent about the struggles of pregnancy, parenting, or just life. I hope to have some educational stuff for you guys too on natural childbirth, breastfeeding, vaccinations, essential oils & holistic health.

I’m super excited to share all this with you guys & can’t wait to get started! Let me know if you have ANY questions or blog topic requests! No topic is off the table, I want to be real and honest with you.

Have an amazing blessed day!